DataWISE: Expense Data Monitoring

Procurement Card Visibility

Whether you call it a P-Card, ProCard, or Purchasing Card, the Procurement Card is made to alleviate the hassle of small dollar purchases. Those purchases can add up. Find the right solution to maintain your card benefits with monitoring of P-Card data.

Gain visibility in Procurement Card data

T&E Card Compliance

Travel expenses such as hotels, meals, and airfare can get out of hand without a clear view of expense data. From receipts to memos combined with searching for purchasing behavior on a T&E card, Card Integrity’s Data-Wise aggregates the data.

Reach compliance goals for travel spend

One Card Prioritized

Having all your expenses on a One Card is a great option for visibility of spend across categories. However, different departments will have differences of opinions when prioritizing categories. Consider how to best notify each department head based on their spend goals.

View solutions for financial leaders

Out-of-Pocket Compliance

Out-of-pocket doesn’t have to be out-of-reach. No matter how hard you try some expenses inevitably end up as a cash reimbursement. To reach compliance goals, consider the Data-Wise solution for wrangling in the extra payment methods.

Request a demo of out-of-pocket reporting

AP-Duplicates Revealed

Searching for a solution that will also cover finding duplicates among vendors? Take a moment to explore our services further with the AP-Duplicate Detection solution.

Investigate AP-Duplicate Service

Dig Deeper with Your Data

Find out more about DataWISE expense monitoring.

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