Compliance in The Public Sector

Government agencies and public institutions need internal controls like a card policy or purchasing procedures to prevent fraud and misuse. After all, policies and procedures in a card program are meant to describe how public institutions should make purchase decisions when it comes to public funds. These policies play a major role in maintaining compliance. Without policies, organizations are wide open to purchasing mayhem.

Having policies is an essential first step. Knowing that employees are following them is the important next step to compliance.

Services to safeguard government spend

Government procurement requires maximum visibility into spend to protect taxpayers’ dollars from wasteful spending. When government agencies and other tax-funded organizations have advanced expense monitoring controls in place the result is a streamlined process enabling finance managers to quickly and easily find fraud or misuse of public funds.

Whether identifying red flags in expense transactions or training cardholders on card policy, Card Integrity services remain focused on communicating your policies to provide continuous reassurance of the controls you have in place.

DataWISE expense data monitoring comes with a team of financial professionals and an in-house tool to track hundreds of red flags, looking for patterns and trends in your program’s expense data.

Card Integrity has expense monitoring for all kinds of expenses, including expense data monitoring that can be coupled with tracking for duplicate spending between card transactions and invoice payments.

Mandatory, paper-centric documentation can be curtailed with Card Integrity’s Receipt-Wise service.

Now more than ever online cardholder training courses ensure your cardholders stay informed on policy.

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