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for smarter spend habits

Strengthen your spend controls and safeguard your business expenses with Card Integrity’s data monitoring.


Expense monitoring is an essential control in the procure-to-pay process. And yet, maintaining an expense review can distract financial leaders from focusing on other important business matters.

A monthly expense review can become so labor-intensive that red flags in the spend data are missed and the ability to analyze results and gather spend insights is lost.

Card Integrity alleviates the burden of ongoing expense reviews by tracking, identifying, and communicating policy compliance and potential fraud. Customers are provided with an easier way to maintain compliance, manage the expense review process, and make better purchase decisions with data analytics. 

Give your managers the
controls needed to make
safer spending a priority.

Internal controls protect your purchases from fraud and misuse.
Customize your spend controls to mitigate risk in accordance with your corporate policies.


Expense solution to protect expenses

Find the right fit for your spend situation.

Select the best solution for your business and its expenses.


We develop a stronger review process for your expenses.

Bring visibility back to your spending and see how Card Integrity blends helpful service and expertise around the expense review process for a better picture of your spend.

Explore the various ways we can make a difference in your program.

Choose an industry-specific solution that resonates with your program goals to protect spend and create efficiencies in your expense review process.

Ready to evaluate your card program?

Look at your spend. Check what you have. Do what you can.

Learn more about improving your expense program.

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