InvoiceWISE: Invoice Review

Are you seeing double? That’s probably because you have duplicate charges within your expense system.

Worse yet is when you don’t see them at all — and your spend program loses money as a result.

Card Integrity’s InvoiceWISE service identifies and reports any duplicates found in accounts payable invoices or commercial card transactions.

Your staff no longer has to search within a sea of data to find those duplicates. Our AP and Card duplicate identification processes do the work instead, safeguarding your present and future purchases against overpayment.

The Invoice Review Service, created with your card program in mind.

The Card Integrity InvoiceWISE uses an in-house tool to create all types of reports, replacing manual efforts and finding numerous ways of detecting duplicates across Accounts Payable and commercial card transactions.

Full coverage

InvoiceWISE sifts through 100 percent of your transactions, looking for high-risk duplicates.

Across Payment Methods

InvoiceWISE is prepared to cover your transactional data even when it comes across various payment methods.

Timely Reporting

InvoiceWISE detects and reports on possible duplicates with custom reporting built around your policies and procedures.

Strategic Communication

InvoiceWISE doesn’t stop with reporting. Notifications are built in to communicate to those who need to know.

Start detecting duplicates across AP and commercial cards. Learn more about the service. Request an Invoice Review brochure today.

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